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Tapas, Salads & Small Dishes

Designed for those who like to taste a full range of the menu, tapas style, this menu combines all the flavours of our main menu in smaller dishes for you to share.

D-Dairy, E-Egg, F-Fish, G-Gluten, N-Nuts, V-Vegetarian, VE-Vegan
For other vegan options please ask a member of staff
Menu items may contain or come into contact with dairy, egg, fish, gluten, nuts, shellfish and other allergens Please speak to a member of staff for more information

Spice Rating
= Medium = Spicy


Chef’s Tasting Platter


For 2-3 people, Chicken 65, Prawn Tokri, Punjabi Fish Fingers, Lamb Goli Kebab (G,D,E,F)

Miso Scallops


Seared in miso, mirin, garlic and ginger and served with a papaya salad (F)

Prawns Tokri


Black tiger prawns fried with ginger, chilli and curry leaves served with a papadum basket (E,F)

Punjabi Fish Fingers


Tilapia fillets marinated in lemon and carom seeds, served with tadka mayo (E,F)

Spicy Squid Pakora


Kerala style tempura squid fritter with curried mayo (E,F)

Chicken Kebab Corn Dogs


Spiced minced chicken with garam masala and onions finished in breadcrumbs (E,G)

Hotel Buhari’s Chicken 65


Marinated in red chilli, garlic and ginger and quick fried to a light crisp

Tsaretta Chicken Tikka


Marinated in Chef’s mint, coriander, basil and yoghurt sauce then chargrilled (D)

Lamb Goli Kebab


Lamb meatballs with ginger and coriander, tossed in a spicy tomato sauce

Chapli Kebab


Spiced minced beef, crushed coriander, pepper, chilli and kebab chinni served with a mint chutney (D)

Vegetarian Tapas

Chef’s Tasting Platter


For 2-3 people. Aloo Matar Samosa, Asparagus Makai Croquettes, Crispy Chilli Aubergine, Mini Onion Bhajis (G,D,V).

Aloo Matar Samosa


Filled with spicy potato and green peas (G,D,V)

Anarkali Tikki


Spiced beetroot and quinoa patties with spicy mayo (E,G,V)

Asparagus Makai Croquettes


Spiced corn kernels with asparagus, ginger and chilli served with tomato chutney (VE)

Avocado Bhel


Puffed rice, avocado and diced cucumber tossed with spicy garlic tomato chutney and a tamarind and coriander chutney with roasted peanuts (N,VE)

Chilli Tofu


Golden edged tofu tossed in a spicy chilli, onion and ginger sauce (VE)

Crispy Chilli Aubergine


Sliced aubergine cooked with fresh chilli until the skin is crisp to the bite (VE)

Mini Onion Bhajis


Our light and crispy version of this classic dish served with mango chutney (VE)

Mushroom & Soya Mince Tikki


Button mushrooms and soya mince spiced with ginger, fennel and curry leaf (V)

Sev Puri


Wheat crisp topped with shredded Moongbean sprout, a trio of mint, tamarind and tomato chutney and a nylon sev (D,V) *


Served in a plain naan bread with gluten free options available

Chicken Tikka


Chargrilled spicy chicken (E,G,D)

Onion Bhaji


Our light and crispy classic served with tomato & sesame and mango chutneys (E,G,V)

Paneer Tikka


Chargrilled Indian cheese (E,D,V)


Seasonal salad leaves drizzled with mint chutney and tamarind sauce (D)

Tandoor Topper


Pick your items from the Tandoor selection and top your salad + Item Price

Tsaretta Spice Side


A side portion of seasonal salad leaves to accompany your dishes (V)